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Hello community!

I'm happy to announce that I've finally released a stable build of my game. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is very smooth. The best thing is that it's only $ 5,99! Most games of this genre are priced $ 19,99. 

Weekly updates on Friday. You can request features in the comment section.

Bye expensive games! Hello Death Before Escape :)


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Death Before Escape setup 6 MB


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This game is awesome, but unfortunely I can´t play it since the controls are unusual: WASD would suit more players. Don´t give up! You game looks awesome, just needs a little bit of tweeks and playtests

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i figured i'd try this game set up everything unable to move tried to change the controls in options no way to change them was able to  move after holding down left shift key then pressing q,d,z,s control setup total retarded very very difficult to move id say a good game for someone with dyslexia! Ive never seen controls set up and locked like this before!  After trying all the keys on my keyboard to try to fix this mess! sadly I did the only thing i could do..... uninstalled it! Was a total waste of time for me! Sorry i know a lot of hard work went into this but the game just didnt work for me! Wasnt about to get agravated trying to p[lay a game with odd control setup! normal setup is w-up a-left,d-right and s-down! Anyway Good luck!


Curious what you get with this game?  To be honest, I was pretty impressed with what they've done so far with this.. even though I'd like to see a lot more content added.

Watch my first impressions video featuring a full game played in this video:

Thank you for your nice gameplay video! It really gives people a better look at the game. 

Put up a gameplay video and tell me how we play a multiplayer game when NOBODY is gonna be playing this.. and I'll probably buy it.  ;-)  

We're working very hard on a trailer etc... Multiplayer is still a work in progress but you can enjoy the singleplayer!

No way am I giving you $6 for this without a game play video as the file size looks extremely suspect (only 6 mb for a game like this)  

Hello, I understand why you are hesistating but the game is 1,2 gb, I've put the game online in a database and made a launcher. This way I've reduced the file size to 30 mb, then I've made a setup and that's why it's only 6mb. 

Sorry for the inconvenience!